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Re: Request for next version of EDP software

At 5:45 PM -0700 4/21/00, Om_Audio wrote:
>This is mainly intended to be a message for Kim and Andres

you mean Matthias. :-)

>I am wondering if there would be a way to have an indicator of tempo or
>somehow make smaller divisions of the loop signal indicator light-
>For instance when I have a long loop going it would be nice to have the
>light flash more than just at the beginning of the loop- to somehow make 
>flash in even divisions of the loop or to flash 3 times before it flashes
>the One- or maybe have it just count 10 flashes before 1 irrespective of 
>loop length- like 1 second intervals 10x and 10 is the beginning again-


>...while I'm requesting- - -
>Could there be a way to have midi sync on the fly? like if you were to 
>in a drum machine with a loop going and then start a drum pattern and have
>it synch to the EDP loop? That would be sweet-

We're waaaaay ahead of you Cliff. You're going to be a happy guy. :-)

>Thanks and I hope you are not pulling your hair out with EDP repair
>questions- I somehow think you've done plenty of that as of late-

my hair doesn't come out so much as turn gray. I think I may be able to
pass for the senior rate at the movie theater now.


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