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RE: list etiquette

Don't forget, we have the performances section of the LD website where you
can post your upcoming gigs:



> Me either, considering there are maybe 2 people on this list who are
>remotely close by. Maybe a better idea would be to find out which loopers
>are in your area (somehow) and invite them privately.
>Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices
>> As a rule, I don't post my gigs to lists that aren't local in nature.  I
>> don't care if you do, just make sure that the city name and PROMO appear
>> in the subject so that the 99% of us who aren't within 100s of miles of
>> your gig can delete your message immediately.
>>      Kevin
>> Kevin Goldsmith                              kevin@unitcircle.com
>> Unit Circle Media                    http://www.unitcircle.com/

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