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Re: . . . and U2--BUY the sound! (commercial post-Bono would NOTapprove)

ahem . . .

couldn't resist posting this crass commercial announcement on the heels of
this riveting thread . . .

Korg SDD-3300 for sale or trade--two rack space triple digital
delay/sampler unit with ~500ms of delay time for delay and ~1000ms of
sampling time (each delay functions as a sampling unit as well--somehat 
to come by. The glory
of this baby is that the SDD has an internal mixer which allows any or all
of the delays to be modulated by each other as well as mixing their audio
together. Each delay also has its own separate input and output on the back
panel, plus two internal LFOs , independent high and low-pass filters and
the phase of the modulation is invertable. Mindf*ck possibilities. The unit
also responds to sysex
messages for various control over midi. Used by the Edge of U2, if you 

see Harmony Central for user raves

I've other toys that I need to sell to pay for . . . what else . . .   more
gear :)

Arp monosynths, Marantz portable cassette deck, effects pedals, MIDI boxes

e-mail privately for a list

end of capitalist transmission . . . back to lurk

Tom Lambrecht

----- Original Message -----
From: Larry Tremblay <ltct@concentric.net>
To: <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>; <ew37@bellsouth.net>
Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2000 11:58 AM
Subject: Re: Negativland on tour...ENO and U2

> First of all let me say I like much of U2's music.
> But for the record, Eno saved U2's floundering career.
> This is a well-documented historical fact.
> U2's association with Eno was *Eno's idea* - he heard something
> he liked that he knew could be B-I-G with the right amount of
> coaxing.
> Regarding the Edge's guitar style, I remember reading
> an interview in Guitar Player or somewhere with one
> of those dime-a-dozen Satriani/Vai/<insert lame
> sound-alike speed-virtuosi here> geetarists. The
> interviewer played a little U2/Edge music and asked
> him what he thought about his style. The trog said,
> "I don't hear it" (TRANSLATION: Where are the 500 mph
> Mixilodian scales, ProCo distorto-box, and erzatz-Halen
> power-dives? ANSWER: Up your myopic dinosaur ass.)
> For the 'youngins' out there, The Edge was once considered a
> neo-psychedelia reverb-monger (a good thing at the time)
> along the lines of Echo & the Bunnymen and Teardrop
> Explodes.
> So..., it took a visionary like Eno to bring U2, and the
> Edge, to where they are today, commercially and technically.
> -Larry T
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Mike Biffle" <mbiffle@svg.com>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>; <ew37@bellsouth.net>
> Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2000 11:42 AM
> Subject: Re: Negativland on tour...
> > >>> "X-ray" <ew37@bellsouth.net> 04/19 11:34 PM >>>
> > >>non-mentioning of the fact that it was ENO that came up with the
> > whole idea with the TV screens/satellite access and all, Again, credit
> > placed where not deserved.
> >
> > > Hmmmm.  Not sure I agree.  U2 has quite often given credit to Eno
> > for the initial concept of that tour (even in the tour program).
> > Certainly the band were the "directors" of the production whereas Eno
> > was the one who wrote the 1st draft of the script (sorry for the
> > analogy).  I'm not sure it's fair to
> > suggest that it was Eno's baby and U2 were just along for the ride.
> >
> > I remember Bono saying something like... "We finally have enough
> > money to do such a bloated grandiose thing... Why not? If not us, then
> > who?" I think he's correct in that statement... they were huge, had
> > the capability, so they went for it and staged an incredible, very
> > successful production. For it's sheer scope, it was certainly the most
> > modern and hi-tech I've seen to date. Sure beats the Stones bloated
> > retro machine...
> >
> > >>Then I saw U2 making scads of money making music that sounded like
> > someone elses' work
> >
> > > Just out of curiosity, other than the rootsier Joshua Tree/Rattle
> > and Hum period, who do you find them to be imitating???  Again, just
> > curious.
> >
> > I think it became popular to disinherit U2 due to their tremendous
> > success... The Edge managed to assemble several existing simple guitar
> > techniques into a cohesive style... and has continued to experiment
> > far more than your average rock star type does... His stuff on Pop is
> > really cool... Great sounds... it is ROCK music... If you can't hack
> > rock, then sure... they probably suck for you. But I think U2 is a
> > great ROCK band... They benefitted a lot from their association with
> > Eno.
> >
> > -Miko
> >
> >