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Re: EMUSIC Playlist #161

Steven Woods wrote:

> Bill Fox,
>   Can you unsubscribe me from this spam
> I don't live in USA and I don't want to receive this.
>  2nd request.
> I suscribed to Kims list BUT not yours.
> Steven

apologies for barging in, but i hope you understand that bill fox emails 
playlist to the looper's delight list. it is not a separate list. you are 
personally being singled out for spamming. everyone on this list gets a 
copy of
it; some like it, some don't. in the interest of free speech (and since the
music bill promotes is likely more on topic than a lot of what gets posted
here) i'd recommend you simply use a filter if you don't wish to see it in 

more of my 2 cents.

lance g.