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undesired posts

>Bill Fox,
>   Can you unsubscribe me from this spam
>I don't live in USA and I don't want to receive this.
>  2nd request.
>I suscribed to Kims list BUT not yours.

I find this unfriendly, Steven. We discussed it and many wrote in 
favour to Bills posting.
I dont live in US either and there are many anouncements for shows 
that I could never go, but I still find it interesting to know whats 

So I find Petr's apology rather unnecessary:

>I am sorry if I was crossed over the line.  I saw announcements of various
>gigs on the list many times before, so I did it too.  I thought the line 
>whether the gig is about looping or not.  If I caused "bad taste" to 
>I apologize.

as someone said: Post what you want, but think well about the subject 
you put so we can select what we are going to read...

no violence

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org