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Re: Looper as MIDIclock master

I have been trying to record in real time on 3 different drum machines,
with the drum machine either synched to a Jam Man, or to my digital 8-track
recorder that has midi sync (Fostex dmt-8).  I have used an Alesis HR-16,
Boss Dr-660 and Boss Dr. 770.  I have had very little luck, as well.
Recording the drum tracks 'off line' is pretty crappy and not really my
style, either...but i haven't found any way around it.

if anybody knows of a machine that could 'record' in real time and in tempo
synch with a looper or my recorder, i would definitely put it on my
christmas list...

has anybody worked with the akai mpc units like this, or the asr-x (i think
that's what it's called).


>Another "sequencer" question:
>We programmed the EDP to send out MIDIclock to drive a sequencer or
>drum machine. We did endless tests to confirm the various clock
>rates, StartSong, StopSong..., but since I rather dislike prerecorded
>or even synthesized sounds in my music, I never used that feature.
>... until yesterday: I used an old HR16 drum machine and imagined
>that I could record a bass line on the EDP and then program some drum
>pattern into the HR16, in real time. It did not work. It seams that
>the HR16 only records with internal clock. So I would have to prepare
>the pattern and then start it from the EDP. Thats not my style.
>Its not even possible to program something in non real time to fit to
>the running loop and then start it synced (Exept with the not
>finished LOOP4 soft, where MUTE-UNDO also can send a StartSong).
>Maybe I should get some newer equipment...
>Does someone use a drum machine or stand alone sequencer slaved to
>the MIDIclock out of some Looping device?
>Can you program the drum sequence in real time?
>          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org