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Looper as MIDIclock master


Another "sequencer" question:

We programmed the EDP to send out MIDIclock to drive a sequencer or 
drum machine. We did endless tests to confirm the various clock 
rates, StartSong, StopSong..., but since I rather dislike prerecorded 
or even synthesized sounds in my music, I never used that feature.
... until yesterday: I used an old HR16 drum machine and imagined 
that I could record a bass line on the EDP and then program some drum 
pattern into the HR16, in real time. It did not work. It seams that 
the HR16 only records with internal clock. So I would have to prepare 
the pattern and then start it from the EDP. Thats not my style.
Its not even possible to program something in non real time to fit to 
the running loop and then start it synced (Exept with the not 
finished LOOP4 soft, where MUTE-UNDO also can send a StartSong).
Maybe I should get some newer equipment...

Does someone use a drum machine or stand alone sequencer slaved to 
the MIDIclock out of some Looping device?
Can you program the drum sequence in real time?

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org