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Re: DT recomendation, was: Instructional video

>thanks for the endorsement of me (now old, i'm afraid) video;
>personally, i really wish it had been more loop-comprehensive/focussed--- 
>& i
>wish that it hadn't been shot all in one day, a day... by the by... on 
>i was recovering from the type of seizure to which i's occasionally 
>i was feelin' *really* funky.....
>some time back, there was some chitchat twixt kim, gibson & meself
>re: producing an EDP instructavid;
>obviously, it never happened.
>while i still haven't plumbed the plumbable depths of the *current* EDP
>--(i'm sure that many of y'all take much deeper advantage of the beast's
>i'd still be interested in such an event-production, esp. if it were in
>collaboration w/a more knowledgeable sort than i; ie, kim or someone else.
>ruminating: as usual.

Yes, fine: A couple of different musicians show different methods and 
the over-all impression would be more open: a variety styles, 
instruments, setups, philosophies...
Nowadays, many people have a camera - which does not mean they can do 
good video, but what I have seen from those instructional videos, the 
public is not very demanding is this respect - so it seams possible 
that several musicians film the way they build up their music. Then 
those results could be compiled and completed with some more 
"theoretic" explanations, animated versions of the drawings in the 
manual... I guess Gibson would support such a project.

Anyone into video?

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org