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Playing out? -- Re: list etiquette

> Well, I looked at the list of looping events (provided by LD), and
there was just one.  And if this place is ideally not used for gigs
listing, I wonder where all the looping people play.  Are you playing
at home?  Or you don't want to let others know about what and where
you are doing?  I am confused.

I don't go to that page to look for gigs and don't believe it would
serve us well... The list is where I look for ALL information other
than user profiles...

> I always liked to read about gigs right here, because it's
available right away.  And it gives me a chance to contact the players
privately, if I feel like it.  This list is great also because of
that, and I follow it for several years already.  It is encouraging to
see that there are other people involved in "weird stuff", like
looping.  So what's wrong about letting each other know about our

> Commercial music has its own strong vehicles for advertizing, but
it's not mu cup of tea.  I am always looking for contacts and
connections with people who are at least distantly close to my way of
playing or so, and it does not matter to me whether they are playing
in DC or CA or Europe or Wherever.  I
don't have to be there in person even though the flying carpet would
be great.
petr dolak

I'd suggest just posting your gig and let the bitching and moaning
take care of itself... I find the gig listings to be an important
aspect of the list activity and DON'T want to see them disappear. Keep
'em coming guys.

My 2 cents...