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Re: DT recomendation, was: Instructional video

thanks for the endorsement of me (now old, i'm afraid) video;
personally, i really wish it had been more loop-comprehensive/focussed--- 
& i 
wish that it hadn't been shot all in one day, a day... by the by... on 
i was recovering from the type of seizure to which i's occasionally 
i was feelin' *really* funky.....
some time back, there was some chitchat twixt kim, gibson & meself
re: producing an EDP instructavid;
obviously, it never happened.
while i still haven't plumbed the plumbable depths of the *current* EDP 
--(i'm sure that many of y'all take much deeper advantage of the beast's 
i'd still be interested in such an event-production, esp. if it were in 
collaboration w/a more knowledgeable sort than i; ie, kim or someone else.
ruminating: as usual.

>For anybody on the list who has not seen the video, I do highly recommend
>Meister Torn's instructional video "Painting with the Guitar".  For some
>people, it will be a great explanation of many concepts that we all deal
>with.  I've sprung this video on my less experimental musician friends,
>who have since realized the potential of sound, looped or not.
> Thank you Mr. Torn, and I patiently await my check :-).