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DT recomendation, was: Instructional video

For anybody on the list who has not seen the video, I do highly recommend 
Meister Torn's instructional video "Painting with the Guitar".  For some 
people, it will be a great explanation of many concepts that we all deal 
with.  I've sprung this video on my less experimental musician friends, 
have since realized the potential of sound, looped or not.
 Thank you Mr. Torn, and I patiently await my check :-).
 Also, as less of revenant point, I recommend Bill Frisell's video, if at 
least for the entertainment value of watching an amazing musician 
simultaneously explain looping and feel completely uncomfortable in front 
a camera at the same time.  Haven't we all been there in one sense or 

P.S. : sorry Lance for sending this message to you twice (hit the wrong 
button at the wrong time)