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Re: tape cartridge for Roland RE 201?

They havn't made tape echos for many years, but they still might stock the
tapes as spare parts, I'm not really sure though.

If not, couldn't you just use any tape that is the same width? Just splice
the ends together into a loop.

The Roland tapes come in a little plastic 'cartridge', but the tape is just
loaded into the machine and the plastic 'cartridge' isn't used after that.


>Maybe you should try vintage supply dealers Roland hasnt made tape echo's
>for many years
>Good to see a fellow Australian

>> Have you asked your local Roland dealer, they should be able to order 
>> from Roland for you.
>> Simon
>> Canberra

>> >I am still looking for a tape cartridge for a Roland Space Echo RE 201.
>> >I tried several sites but no luck.  Any one have a clue as to where I
>> >get one to get this puppy up and looping.   Om and out  Papa Dave

>> >> >I need a tape cartridge for a Roland Space Echo RE201.  Do you have
>> >>Om and Out Papa Dave

>> >>sorry, cannot help
>> >>
>> >>Best Regards, Nicolas Keim