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Re: tape cartridge for Roland RE 201?

i've heard differing opinions re: the 
type of tape used. some say 1/4". some
say "same as 8 track carts"... anyone
got the real skinny?

rolling yr own wld seem to be the way to go.

On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, Simon wrote:

> They havn't made tape echos for many years, but they still might stock 
> tapes as spare parts, I'm not really sure though.
> If not, couldn't you just use any tape that is the same width? Just 
> the ends together into a loop.
> The Roland tapes come in a little plastic 'cartridge', but the tape is 
> loaded into the machine and the plastic 'cartridge' isn't used after 
> Simon
> Canberra
> >Maybe you should try vintage supply dealers Roland hasnt made tape 
> >for many years
> >Steven
> >Good to see a fellow Australian
> >> Have you asked your local Roland dealer, they should be able to order 
> >> from Roland for you.
> >>
> >> Simon
> >> Canberra
> >> >I am still looking for a tape cartridge for a Roland Space Echo RE 
> >> >I tried several sites but no luck.  Any one have a clue as to where I
> >could
> >> >get one to get this puppy up and looping.   Om and out  Papa Dave
> >> >> >I need a tape cartridge for a Roland Space Echo RE201.  Do you 
> >it?
> >> >>Om and Out Papa Dave
> >> >>sorry, cannot help
> >> >>
> >> >>Best Regards, Nicolas Keim