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Re: open reel deck looping?

You an use any reel to reel for looping. The Revox is
just a *nice to have* for it's simplicity and quality.

I still prefer the sound and tactile simplicity of analog
looping over digital.

Gino wong - who's an LD member - sent me a spare loop arm
he had lying around which is very useful for setting up
loops of varying length. I imagine these can be salvaged
from broken recorders.

Check the archives under "loop arm". November 1999, I

BTW, Gino - I figured out the mic clip thing for holding
the loop arm. Works like a charm! I have a few new ideas for
an adjustable tapeloop device based on David Keane's excellent
book, "Tape Music Composition" (1980).

- Larry

> anyone?
> i just inherited a fostex model 20 1/4" open reel deck. looping tool or
> bookend? (it looks nice enough, and i've got  room in my studio to have 
> just sit there, but if i could make it earn its keep somehow when i 'm
> of checking the edp faqs for simple answers to stupid questions, it would
> nice).
> (just don't say "well, if it was a revox...")
> lance g.