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2001 - a space echo odyssey?

with respect to the below, i opine:

"sounds like a job for evanna manley!"
(it'd prob. even have a tube fron end....)

c'mon, eveanna... don't leave us hangin!


originally, i asked:

> > when is someone gonna manufacture
> > a space-echo re-ish? with contemp.
> > componants they'd clean up!  ;)
> >

On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, Larry Tremblay wrote:

> Unlikely, I think. The standard answer to questions of
> this type about clasic gear is that it would be too
> expensive and the end result would be disappointing
> anyway.
> Part of the "classic sound" is due to the original analog
> components used in the first place. Also recall that an
> RE-201, for instance, cost damn near $1000 (new) in 1980's
> dollars. A comparable machine would cost at least that
> much. You're better off picking up a mint one for a few
> hundred, IMO.