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Re: creativity

Pre Script: I recommend 'The Advancing Guitarist' wholeheartedly.


Another creative approach that has worked for me: Go into therapy.  Find 
what I really think.  Deal with it.  Have a midlife/spiritual/psychosexual 
crisis.  Feel completely nuts for a while, and feel scared about it.  Go 
to a 
men's weekend, bang a drum, whatever.  Go inside yourself, where the demon 
is.  You know its name.  Speak to it.

Then pick up your instrument.  You'll be amazed at what you have to say!!  
still am.)

I'm completely serious.  You can't pour from an empty cup, and you can't 
a cup that leaks.  From where does the spirit leak from your cup?  Ask 
yourself that.  THAT is where music comes from when it comes to visit you. 
If you take a little of the mystery out of it (you can't take ALL the 
out of it!), you'll find it easier to dial up.

That's my hallucination anyway.  Yours may be different.


Before studying Zen, men are men, and mountains are mountains.

After studying Zen, men are men, and mountains are mountains.

In the middle, things are confused.