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Re: uncreativity

>Jonathan El-Bizri <jonathan@full-moon.com>:
>>  What does one do when one has too much creativity, and not enough
>>  impetus/inspiration to work what one has got into something finished?
>>  I'm really, really good at starting things, bu
>Laughing out loud!
>I have the same problem.  Usually, I just leave things unfinished.  Given 
>couple of days, I'll almost always realize how lame most of my ideas are.
>It's the "pessimistic procrastination" method.

hm... its interesting really to give it some time. I usually do the 
edition a while, up to years after the recording, because then I feel 
much more acurate which parts really say something (usually the ones 
I remember having heard before).

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org