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Re: uncreativity

>Limit the scope of your project...work small...get used to the process of
>'finishing' and closing the loop.  Practice closure.
>I find that the people respond better to a 'finished' project, no matter
>how simple or small, rather that an disconnected, unfocused 'work in
>A child's drawing always seems complete when they hand it to you, doesn't 

I like this a lot.

I must say though, that the limitation can turn into acomodation. For 
15 years I record loop music with the limits:
- no overdubs
- just guitar (many sounds, but no synth) or a partner with another 
instrument also real time
- simple edits, keep the original chronological order

For some time I feel I should open up into one direction.
For example I sometimes record with a partner and use separate tracks 
to edit each instrument separately. This gives me such a lot o new 
ways to edit that I end up not doing the work!
Now imagine if I start recording keyboards over all of my recordings 
or simply allow to mix several recordings - I am AFFRAID OF THE 

George Bernard Shaw is great, too: :-)
>"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world.

the principle of Nature

>The unreasonable man persists in adapting the world to himself.

the principle of Culture

>Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

A law only change after many had the curage to disrespect it. They 
often pay hard for the progress of the others.

Somebody cites in his signature something like: "Its never a problem 
to get new ideas, but to get rid of the old ones."
Fits well.

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org