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For Sale: SIMMS for the Plex

hi guys !

        A friend of mine has given me
        several 30 pins' simms that work for 
        the Echoplex.

        They upbgrade Plex memory 
        in 7 seconds aprox. each one (remember
        that there are four sockets for putting

        I've cheked them with my Plex ( that i have
        upgraded to 100 sec.) and it showed
        107 sec. on the plex screen.

        I supose these are 512Kb simms, isn't Kim ?
        With four of them you'll have 25 sec. of looping
        time for the plex.

        Ok., i'd like to sell them since i don't need
        them all. 

        If somebody is interested, contact me privately at,


keep looping,