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Re: undesired posts and posts of questionable worth

> See attachment for an example of stuff I can't see the point in sending?

I guess we DO have a wide variety of interests on this list.  I found "I 
Thinking" so interesting that I forwarded it to members of my improv group.

I'm not questioning that you found the posting a waste of time/bandwidth.  
all due respect to fellow list members, I find several of our discussion 
do not interest me.  So what.  That's just me.  I'm sure others find these
posting quite informative.  They should continue, IMHO.

Since we're a community, we live with each other's idiosyncracies, 
help, rants, raves, and rambles.  Tolerance, a meaningful "Subject" line, 
and a
quick finger on the DELETE key will ease our dialogue (or is it N-logue?).

I don't mean to sound patronizing.  I just want to remind everybody to 

Dennis Leas