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Re: open reel deck looping?

>Back in the early 80's, I had an Akai GX4000D and my roommate had (I 
>a Realistic open-reel that we used to hook together like we were Fripp and
>Eno. (I usually had to be Fripp to his Eno, which I assume was because of
>my nearsightedness and his thinning hair, but I never really asked...)
>One time we put the two machines at the distant ends of our dormitory
>hallway, and had a couple of open mics and a BigMuffed/volumepedaled 
>and a Casio going through a Radio Shack mixer into the first deck. (We
>lived in the basement of the dorm, so this hallway only had rooms on one
>side of the hall, and doors suddenly opening with people tripping over the
>tape wasn't a problem. Plus we usually involved our dorm neighbors in our
>lunacy, as long as there was contraband beer involved. They got to belch
>into the mics which they really enjoyed.)
>The two decks were about 75 feet apart, so it was a looooooong delay. We
>had them connected with long cords and adapters which sort of worked as
>non-adjustable lowpass filters in the sense that no high end made it
>through. One of the decks ran slightly faster than the other, so it always
>had to be the one on the right, but I don't remember which one. It was
>pretty cool for a while, but the tape became pretty cruddy pretty quickly
>dragging along the dirty tile floor, and eventually there was a big pile 
>1/4" tape in the hallway for a couple of days. Ah, college...

wish I had lived in your dorm.....the jocks used to hit golf balls down the
hallway in mine...I'd prefer tripping over your tape....or tripping over