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Re: open reel deck looping?

I once said:
>As I understand, this is all with just one machine. So you need to
>invert the direction of tape in order to have the whole loop between
>recording and play back head, right?
>Or do you invert the two heads and switch off the errasing head?

"J.G. Wong" <adaaxs@erols.com> answered:
>It's a simple loop or you can use a reel of tape unlooped.  You can play
>a single pre recorded sound over and over with the machine in 'play'
>mode or you can put the machine in 'play' and push the'record button.
>then the ouput will be sound on sound echo. I have never turned off the
>erase head the tape would oversaturate and sound terrible.

My point is that if you push the record button you only have the tape 
length between the two heads to create a short echo.
If you invert the heads to the sequence Play-Erase-Record, you can 
use the whole long tape loop to acumulate your...
This seams simpler than two tape machines and it may be done on a 
Roland Space Echo, too.

I guess they did that then.

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org