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Re: uncreativity - Paging Dr T :) /Algorithmic

1:09 -0400
> At 9:29 AM -0400 4/25/00, Larry Tremblay wrote:
>> Dr T,
>> What ever happened to the Algorithmic Composer? I thought it
>> was a great piece of software. Then I got rid of my C-64 :)
> One of the 3 Alogorithmic programs (the cyclic one), was implemented
> in much more powerful form by me (on Atari) as Fingers, and by Dave
> Ziccarelli (in yet  more powerful form) on Mac as M. M is still
> available from Joel Chadabe at electronic music foundation (emf.com
> or org, if I recall).
M has been  re released by DZ's company cycling'74
if any of youze are interested in it.