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Re: Free Music

It seems to me the main concern regarding the Napster is the availability
of music that was released on commercial albums.  I don't think there is a
concern over the availability of music that musicians have, of their own
volition, put online to be freely "shared".

Also, I think that those who are "anti-Napster" are protesting the choice
of whether to distribute their music for free being taken away from them.
Mr. X is concerned about protecting his income and doesn't want his music
to be downloaded for free whereas Mr. Y wants to freely give away his
music.  Naturally, Mr. Y is not going to care if something like the Napster
makes it possible for users to upload his music where others can download
it for free while Mr. X is going to have the opposite view.

Well, that's my understanding anyway.  I have no vested interest either
way.  Feel free to correct me. :)