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RE: Free Music

Sorry that my first post to the list is off-topic. I just ordered a Zoom
ST-224, and thought I'd subscribe to get a looper's mentality. It hasn't
arrived yet, and it will be my first sampler. If anyone out there has any
experience with this instrument, I'd appreciate some feedback! Heh, by the
sounds of reviews and user experiences, I think I will be pleased with it.
Something that I see as being a hassle is the memory and storage... Oh 

Anyway...as for the off-topicness...

Sad to admit, but I was watching MTV the other day or week, can't remember,
and the band Limp Bizkit was standing there talking to John Norris (I think
that's his name) about their upcoming album. Turns out they're going to be
performing a bunch of free concerts to promote this album. They mentioned
that Napster was sponsering these concerts, and the conversation turned
towards Napster. Limp Bizkit are avid proponents of Napster, stating what
most of the proponents here have said. They even referred to Metallica,
saying that the first time they ever heard Metallica was via a crap dubbed
tape that a friend gave. The singer then said that afterwards he became the
biggest Metallica fan and endedup buying all of their albums... To him, it
is just like dubbing casettes, and me, well I agree. In most cases, it's
even easier and quicker to dub a tape.

Oh well...whatever. Napster is ok because I like dance music, and I have
found 1 hour sets of live DJ mixtapes that I can't find elsewhere, and they
really aren't worth the money if I did find them at a store, and I know the
DJ's aren't getting any of the profits from those mixtapes anyway. Another
thing that is nice about Napster is I like Phish and the Grateful Dead...I
can get entire shows through Napster. Perhaps whiney bands can look at
Phish, a band that allows taping at their concerts and free trade of those
tapes, and learn something. Phish is one of the most successful touring
bands in America. They make money off of working hard and busting their ass
playing live. They make next to no money off of record sales. :)

Oh well. I will admit I ripped a few commercial tunes off of Napster, but
not many, and most of them are ones I hear on the radio anyway.


PS: Hope to have some on-topic post in the ensuing weeks... :)

Seems a good list so far.