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Re: Loopalooza-Gigs-etc

At 10:55 PM -0700 4/26/00, Jeff Yost wrote:
>Hi gang-
>I went to onelist yesterday and set up a page/mail list for loopers who
>wish to post their gigs, post their acts booking information, and post
>their looper friendly venue information.
>There is a database for both performers and venues that all may
>contribute to: simply click on database on the left side of the main
>page, then click on the appropriate database (performer/venue) on the
>page you are taken to. Fill out information!
>You may also put your information into a form on the message page. To
>get the form click on the first message (1). copy form, fill out, post
>to the list.

I don't get it.

why set up a competing list when you have one right here that serves the
same purpose?

Why not contribute something to our own community site at Looper's Delight
and help it grow, rather than set up something different elsewhere?

And why do it with a company that plasters ads in front of everybody,
making money off of us while LD gets nothing?


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