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Re: Loopalooza-Gigs-etc

Hi Kim-
        I don't want to start any separate list. I thought quite a few were
gripping about gig posting on the list. I just set up the loopgig list
to allow those that wanted that aspect (without the bitching).

        I think Loopers-Delight is a fine forum the way it is. I just wish
people would hit the deleat button instead of the bitch button.


Kim Flint wrote:
> At 10:55 PM -0700 4/26/00, Jeff Yost wrote:
> >Hi gang-
> >I went to onelist yesterday and set up a page/mail list for loopers who
> >wish to post their gigs, post their acts booking information, and post
> >their looper friendly venue information.
> >There is a database for both performers and venues that all may
> >contribute to: simply click on database on the left side of the main
> >page, then click on the appropriate database (performer/venue) on the
> >page you are taken to. Fill out information!
> >
> >You may also put your information into a form on the message page. To
> >get the form click on the first message (1). copy form, fill out, post
> >to the list.
> I don't get it.
> why set up a competing list when you have one right here that serves the
> same purpose?
> Why not contribute something to our own community site at Looper's 
> and help it grow, rather than set up something different elsewhere?
> And why do it with a company that plasters ads in front of everybody,
> making money off of us while LD gets nothing?
> baffled,
> kim
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