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The family that loops together...

I am in love with a looper!  Met her a little while ago in Yahoo personals.
True story.  I did a keyword search on "Eno" and boom!  There she was.  We 
at SFMOMA and it was love at first sight.  On our third date she took me 
to see
Tom Verlaine do music for silent movies, so of course I was hooked for 

Ahhhh one day I long to say these words to my children (male or female) 
out of that loop and come to dinner!"

I am a truly lucky man.

Mark Sottilaro
Professional Publications, Inc
1250 Fifth Ave, Belmont CA 94002
Multimedia Production
E-mail:  msottilaro@ppi2pass.com
Phone: (650) 593-9119 ext. 29