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Re: OT: Audio CD-R vs. Data CD-R

>In that case, I'm just speculating that somewhere there's a shareware 
>that burns a such flag into a "data" CD-R, making it usable in an 
>audio-only CD

After this, I'll shut-up on this topic.

My speculation is wrong.  Reading this FAQ -
http://www.fadden.com/cdrfaq/faq07.html#[7-1] answered my question.
------------- quotation follows ---------------------
There is no difference in quality between consumer audio blanks and 
blanks from a given manufacturer. If you have a consumer audio CD 
recorder, you
simply have no other choice. There is no way to "convert" a standard blank 
a consumer audio blank. See section (5-12) for notes on how you can trick
certain recorders into accepting standard blanks.
------------- end of quotation  ---------------------

Sorry for my previous mis-information...

Dennis Leas