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Re: OT: Audio CD-R vs. Data CD-R

I guess I don't know when to shut-up...

Check out http://www.fadden.com/cdrfaq/ .  It has some really good 

>- Traig and others say there is a flag that marks the Audio CD.
>So my Yamaha burner (connected to the Mac) ignores those?
>Or: What is a CD-AUDIO only recorder?

What I understand is that a CD-AUDIO only recorder (aka stand-alone 
accepts only audio inputs.  They generally have superior ADC than common
soundcards.  They record only CD-AUDIO disks; you can't record data files. 
come in two flavors, consumer and professional.  The consumer version will
record ONLY on special CD-AUDIO CD-R blanks.  These CD-R's are specially 
in a machine-readable fashion, so they can be distinguished from regular 
Consequently, the blank CD-AUDIO CD-Rs cost more due to a tax.  The 
quaility of
the CD-AUDIO CD-Rs is no different than regular CD-Rs.  The revenue from 
tax is paid to the music industry because they have convinced law-makers 
copyrighted material is being reproduced so they need to make up for lost
income.  Note that NO ARTIST receives any compensation, only the music 
Also, when you duplicate your own songs on such CD-AUDIO CD-Rs, you are 
money to the music industry via the tax.  (This is an industry that should 
preserved???  Sounds like a bunch of thugs, to me.)

CD-R recorders attached to computers do not have such restrictions.  You 
have to use CD-AUDIO CD-R blanks.

>What do you mean by cheap disk?
>Does this mean that in my recorder this optimizing process never happened?
>If so, I doubt its necessary.

There is a "trick" you can use with certain CD-AUDIO only recorders to 
the use of special CD-AUDIO CD-Rs.  Load the recorder with a real CD-AUDIO 
The recorder identifies the CD-R as OKed by the thugs, I mean generating 
to the music industry, and permits you to continue.  But before you 
start recording, you pry out the CD-AUDIO CD-R and replace it with a 
CD-R.  Now you burn your stuff onto the lower-cost regular CD-R.  It's 
cost because there isn't an added tax.

However, since different manufactures use different dyes in their CD-Rs 
respond to the write laser differently), some recorders test the CD-R by 
test spots.  Unfortunately, when using the  "trick" above, the test spots 
burnt onto the CD-AUDIO CD-R which may respond differently than the regular

>Can you give us some sources for those theories? I really want to
>learn all about it...

Here's a good page that includes a link to the FAQ above.

Hope this information helps.

Dennis Leas