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RE: OT: Audio CD-R vs. Data CD-R

What I meant by cheap disk is the data type disk. 
They are cheaper than the consumer audio disk (because
of the tarrif on the audio disk).  I didn't mean to
imply that the lower cost disks are inferior in any

I don't know how computer based cd burners handle
optimization, or if they do test burns.  

I only know what my HHB standa alone CD audio recorder
does.  Optimization would allow the burner to create
usable disks across the varied blanks.  The disks vary
due to manufacturing variences, as well as formulation
differences from company to company.

We use optimization routines in manufacturing hard
disk drives.  The variation in heads, media, preamps
and other components, along with asssembly variences
create a population of drives that may not work (write
and read) optimally.  So, we tune several parameters
such as write current, and dsp filter settings on the
read channel in order to make the all (or most) of the
drive population write and read reliably ( over the
life of the drive).  If they can't be optimized, the
drives are rejected and rebuilt.

--- Matthias Grob <matthias@grob.org> wrote:
> What do you mean by cheap disk?
> Does this mean that in my recorder this optimizing
> process never happened?
> If so, I doubt its necessary.
> Can you give us some sources for those theories? I
> really want to 
> learn all about it...
> Thank you
> Matthias
>           ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org

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