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Re: OT: Audio CD-R vs. Data CD-R

> Audio labeled CDRs.
Well I heard the 'Audio only' CD-Rs were preformatted in some way.
for use in standalone CD recorders.

I use a PC system, currently with cheapish discs and no problems.
(except where I wrote at 4x instead of 2x, and even then the only
problem was that one player couldn't read the index data, though it 
played the CD)
(once I had to clean the lens on a player)

For best results you want a WORM writer, that is
one that can't use CD-RW . (eg TEAC CDR 55s),
this will improve compatibility.

For better results it's probably worth investing in 'pro-quality' CDR 
gold for archival permanance
silver for compatibility. 

Andy Butler
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