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Re: Female Loopers?

ok, I know, I need to say something about everything... but dont 
worry, my subscription here is not for a long time. While this I say 
a lot, then I shut up.

First we will have to accept that in almost all cultures at almost 
all times the women incorporated beauty through dancing (and maybe 
singing) while the men called the spirits using instruments and 
drugs. This chemistry will be arround in our brain bases for another 
while. I hope I dont open a worm box here, certainly there are many 
ways to see this and lots of exeptions, I mean just a rough tendency.

We observe clearly that those frontiars dissolve like most frontiers 
in this phase of evolution and the humans discover that they all have 
some of the male and some of the female energy, different amounts in 
different aspects.

So the contribution of the woman in music is growing anyway and I 
dont think we can do much about it exept listen to each other and 
play with each other when the oportunities arrive.

My public is more female than male. I rather play in meditations and 
meetings about holistics and therapies where for some reason the 
interest and dedication of the females is bigger. This is not 
traditional, is it? If this movement is new, it seams the woman are 
quicker in evolution then man. ;-)

I know a female looper in Sao Paulo called Magda Pucci and she is 
also the leader of a great "world music" group of female singers and 
(male) "ethnic" instrumentists called Mavaca (no looping yet, though) 
www.neoradio.com. I have some recordings of her looping that I should 
put up on my site for you to hear.

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org