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RE: Is it possible to sync Vortex to EDP?

>I'm sure it's too late to ask for this for the next version, but would it 
>possible to add a 'sync=both' option, that syncs to midi and >also< sends
>out a beat sync signal, so you could sync your EDP to midi, and your 
>to your edp?
>This would be absolutely killer.

We cared about thoses chain situations. For example: If a BeatSync 
arrives during reset, we assume that we sync to it and send out the 
MIDIclock, even at Sync=IN (this is for the version I am working on, 
in the shipping 5.0, MIDIclock is allways sent

Now you want the oposite: MIDIclock in to BeatSync out. No, with 
Sync=in BeatSync is not sent and with Sync=out MIDIclock is not 
But BrotherSync is sent out even at Sync=IN for a similar reason: It 
allowes to connect one EDP to the MIDIclock source and transfer this 
sync through the brother cable to more EDPs. The BeatSync signal is 
on the ring of the 1/4 jack (the tip is the sample clock), so its 
also useable.

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org