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Re: Is it possible to sync Vortex to EDP?

--- John Tidwell <wedgehed@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I've tried running the EDP's midi out to a midi/cv
> converter & then connecting the converter's S-TRIG
> out to the Vortex tap tempo jack. 

This did not work because you need to apply a "note
on" from the midi size in order to generate the S-trig
output (note on in midi is translated to S-trig for
moog type analog synths).

That is why the following worked for you:

> Out of curiosity, I disconnected the midi cable
> from the EDP & hooked it up to the midi out of a
> keyboard. Guess what? Every key on the keyboard now
> acted like the tap tempo foot switch of the Vortex!

The keyboard sends a midi note on when each key is

I have been thinking lately on how to use beat sync to
gen a S-trig for my analog synths.  I think it can be
done rather easily and cheaply, and might be fun.


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