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Re: Is it possible to sync Vortex to EDP?

I like this kind of thread. Its smart: you can do a short loop on the 
Plex, the Vortex does one of the same lenght. Not so interesting. But 
then you can multiply the one on the Plex and the Vortex continues 
the same, thats how BeatSync is.

Ofcourse, it also would be interesting to be able to subdivide the 
BeatSync output with the 8th/beat parameter...remember my 
SubCycleSync idea, Kim?

As Kim said, BeatSync would be the most handy way to tap automatically.
I just tried it: my BeatSync pulse is too short for the Vortex.  :-(
8ms is pretty short. I just increased it to 40ms and it worked!

Are there any arguments for the length of BeatSync?
Who uses this output for what?
I thought it could be a metronome like click. If I make it longer, 
the sound turns audibly doubble, but its ugly anyway.

I think we should adapt the length to the necessity of aplications 
like this. And since all switch inputs need some debounce function, 
pulses need to be longer...

>--- John Tidwell <wedgehed@yahoo.com> wrote:
>  > I've tried running the EDP's midi out to a midi/cv
>>  converter & then connecting the converter's S-TRIG
>>  out to the Vortex tap tempo jack.
>This did not work because you need to apply a "note
>on" from the midi size in order to generate the S-trig
>output (note on in midi is translated to S-trig for
>moog type analog synths).
>That is why the following worked for you:
>>  Out of curiosity, I disconnected the midi cable
>>  from the EDP & hooked it up to the midi out of a
>>  keyboard. Guess what? Every key on the keyboard now
>>  acted like the tap tempo foot switch of the Vortex!
>The keyboard sends a midi note on when each key is

EDP does that too: It sends a NoteOn/velocity 64, immediately 
followed by a NoteOn/velocity 0, each time the loop is back to its 
startpoint (when the multiple dot flashes).

Probably the note is to short to do the trigger, since its of the 
same lenth as the BeatSync out and probably your converter also 
maintains this time.

>I have been thinking lately on how to use beat sync to
>gen a S-trig for my analog synths.  I think it can be
>done rather easily and cheaply, and might be fun.

yes, yes!

oops, Denis explained it all before me:
>The EDP sends a note-on/note-off at the beginning of every cycle.  If you 
>Source# set to 36, a note number 45 will be sent.  I don't remember 
>if you need
>to have sync=out or not.

No, Sync does not influence that, ControlSource does, needs to be set 
to NOTE, in this case.

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org