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Re: EDP beat clock question

Sorry, I should have answered this one before...

>  > I can press play on my SP-808, and have the EDP sync, then stop the 
>>  rewind, press play, and have it sync again. I do this all the time 
>when my
>>  songs are too short.
>So if the EDP's in the middle of a cycle and it receives a sync (after it
>hasn't for a while) - does it jump immediately to the start of the cycle
>(which is what i'm most interested in) or does it just sync at whatever
>relationship exists at that moment?

nono, I dont think you would like that. You want the loop to go on, 
and when a sync arrives within the sync window (within 180ms before 
or after the loop start point or some fraction of the whole loop, if 
its a short one) it jumps to the start point.

Jonathan said:
>  >From what I can tell - and I've had my EDP for about a week or so now 
>- it
>slowly but surely shortens the loop each pass until they are in sync.
>Someone else should be able to tell you.

Loop time does not change, it just corrects each time the amount the 
loop is off. If the clock sources speed changes more than 180ms / 
loop, the sync is not recognized any more and it runs off. This is 
better, since the chopping off or repeating of bigger bits becomes 
audible (even smaller ones can be audible, depending on the signal on 
the loop).
The technology to really adapt the loop time with time stretch to an 
external clock source is way beyond, even at studio level, I dont 
know of any machine that does this.

  Larry T said:
>You need to something like Song Position Pointer data
>or MTC (MIDI Time Code) to keep the machines locked
>in this manner. FSK to MTC or SPP is common (nice soup,

The soft version I work on will receive Song Position Pointer. I 
fought with it these days and it works now. MTC we do not decode.
You will be able to stop the sequencer and restart it in a different 
place and the EDP will calulate its relation to that new section, 
even considering its own multiples (which turned it much more 
After you restart the sequencer, to loop will go on the same, but 
with the new function ReAlign, the loop restarts the next time the 
sequencer is at the point again where the loop started before you 
stopped the sequencer.
Hard to understand? But easy to use: Press Mute-Multiply and all 
sounds right again.

Jonathan again:
>  >Also:  how about when the master has been turned off for a while - is
>>there any way to get the EDP to sync back up to it when it starts
>>delivering beats again (with the currently playing loops - i.e. without
>>clearing them and starting over)?
>I can press play on my SP-808, and have the EDP sync, then stop the 808,
>rewind, press play, and have it sync again. I do this all the time when my
>songs are too short.
This only works if you start the 808 pretty much at the right moment, 
The above said ReAlign function will do this for you.

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org