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Re: EDP beat clock question

Thanks Mathias,

Very informative.

- Larry T

----- Original Message -----
From: "Matthias Grob" <matthias@grob.org>
To: <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Sent: Friday, April 28, 2000 9:50 PM
Subject: Re: EDP beat clock question

> Sorry, I should have answered this one before...
> >  > I can press play on my SP-808, and have the EDP sync, then stop the
> >>  rewind, press play, and have it sync again. I do this all the time
when my
> >>  songs are too short.
> >
> >So if the EDP's in the middle of a cycle and it receives a sync (after 
> >hasn't for a while) - does it jump immediately to the start of the cycle
> >(which is what i'm most interested in) or does it just sync at whatever
> >relationship exists at that moment?
> nono, I dont think you would like that. You want the loop to go on,
> and when a sync arrives within the sync window (within 180ms before
> or after the loop start point or some fraction of the whole loop, if
> its a short one) it jumps to the start point.
> Jonathan said:
> >  >From what I can tell - and I've had my EDP for about a week or so
now - it
> >slowly but surely shortens the loop each pass until they are in sync.
> >Someone else should be able to tell you.
> Loop time does not change, it just corrects each time the amount the
> loop is off. If the clock sources speed changes more than 180ms /
> loop, the sync is not recognized any more and it runs off. This is
> better, since the chopping off or repeating of bigger bits becomes
> audible (even smaller ones can be audible, depending on the signal on
> the loop).
> The technology to really adapt the loop time with time stretch to an
> external clock source is way beyond, even at studio level, I dont
> know of any machine that does this.
>   Larry T said:
> >You need to something like Song Position Pointer data
> >or MTC (MIDI Time Code) to keep the machines locked
> >in this manner. FSK to MTC or SPP is common (nice soup,
> eh?)
> The soft version I work on will receive Song Position Pointer. I
> fought with it these days and it works now. MTC we do not decode.
> You will be able to stop the sequencer and restart it in a different
> place and the EDP will calulate its relation to that new section,
> even considering its own multiples (which turned it much more
> difficult).
> After you restart the sequencer, to loop will go on the same, but
> with the new function ReAlign, the loop restarts the next time the
> sequencer is at the point again where the loop started before you
> stopped the sequencer.
> Hard to understand? But easy to use: Press Mute-Multiply and all
> sounds right again.
> Jonathan again:
> >  >Also:  how about when the master has been turned off for a while - is
> >>there any way to get the EDP to sync back up to it when it starts
> >>delivering beats again (with the currently playing loops - i.e. without
> >>clearing them and starting over)?
> >
> >I can press play on my SP-808, and have the EDP sync, then stop the 808,
> >rewind, press play, and have it sync again. I do this all the time when
> >songs are too short.
> >
> This only works if you start the 808 pretty much at the right moment,
> The above said ReAlign function will do this for you.
>           ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org