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EDP Gain structure...

Am having difficulties with my EDP's gain structure. I've recently boughgt 
second unit off harmony and have just performed the Gain Mod as described 
the FAQ list.
I still have a huge discrepancy between the two units.
Anyone got any ideas?
The resistors are definitely the right values. I used 0.6w metal film
resistors with a 1% tolerance.
On my original unit the resistor is a black (silicone coated?) version
whereas the one I've just  put in was a more standard 5 colour band blue
one. Could this have anything to do with it?
Any help greatly appreciated as I'm very frustrated and paranoid I've
screwed something up.
Also are there any other MOD's for the EDP to maybe increase the S/N ratio?
A list of what mods there are would be useful.
Thanks for your help,
Graham Pattison