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Re: Female Loopers?

JP -
It was me who compared AKASH with the Tubes and Fluxus, et al.

Interestingly you mentioned Camille Paglia, who is brilliant
and whom I enjoy reading. My wife thinks she's cool.

In fact, I thought of Camiile while I was reading your
description of AKASH - the whole (tired?) porn-chic thing set
down by Camille *years ago*. Don't get me wrong, I think women
should get in touch with their inner Slut-Goddess. ;)

I suppose there's really nowhere else to go with 'shock',
so maybe a Dada attempt to recapitulate to the mainsteam
is all thats left. Just seems...what's the word, trendy?
Not exactly. Maybe self-conscious.

There's a passage from Helmholtz regarding aesthetics
which says it better:

    "Whenever we see that conscious reflection has acted
    in the arrangement of the whole, we find it lacking."

        'Man fuhlt die Absicht, und man wird verstimmt.'
        (We feel the purpose, and it jars upon us.)

Again, I haven't seen or heard AKASH, yet I seem to have
been able to nail the schtick dead on just by "feeling
the purpose". No offense. I'm just pointing out the tendency
of an agenda to swamp the music. But that might be your
intention for all I know. It might be great fun. :)

Such a damn curmugeon sometimes,
- Larry T

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From: <Jprice01@aol.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Sent: Saturday, April 29, 2000 8:36 AM
Subject: Re: Female Loopers?

> In a message dated 4/28/00 1:26:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> reverendrob@realm-of-shade.com writes:
> << I hate "fans."  I really do.  >>
> & boy oh boy, you seem to have a propensity to vomit if an agenda is not
> line with your agenda. That seems to say that u must have a lot of
> or a digestive problem young man :)  I know just the cure for that
> mindset...LOL
> I know that as a looping male geetar player, I react with over-analysis
> paralysis whenever anyone points out that i have a tendancy to gravitate
> toward the perspective that how i am and how i do things is who i am
> regardless as to whether or not i am inclusive or exclusive. I have a
> tendancy to immediately offer an in depth break down of how my thoughts
> processed and finalized focusig on me, me me & more me.
> I have also come to accept how much slime men are and continue to be ...u
> must accept this "herstorical' truth and submit   with exceptional PC
> and guilt- GRIN!
> & I do know the women & men in AKASH are out to get chicks so we are
> of that rock n roll myth/stereotype but can you really call us cock
> rockers...i wont go down there.....:-)
> But I think im the only person in AKASH other than the drummer who would
> aware of Flexxus and The Tubes...definitely not our vibe though u can 
> number of evolutionary parallels from them to what we do today but that 
> not quite our game.
> Pornography and blatent sexuality be it erotica or intended to be
> and graphic and or distasteful imagery is very very very chic right now
> more mainstream than ever among more women than ever.
> We also find porn and loops go hand and hand - no puns intended and have
> so for years in the scope of film and video. it was a natural combination
> make. we just make it so matter of fact that I dont think there really is
> shock value we (dah band ) get out of indulging porn or using porn
> as a backdrop to loops. it is nothing new the music & porn thang but it 
> extension of the way we all lead our lives as individuals apart from the
> and if T&A were the common denominator and the entertainment factor were
> only thing we had going as an act, people woulda been gone say 2 yrs
> ago...cuz u can only shock so much and reveal so much until it becomes
> boring...
> AKASH walks a lot of lines and starts off and remains outside a lot of
> but it is always inside the realm of what it needs to be.
> But secretly everyone in AKASH has developed & perfected clones of
> themselves.
> just try to think of them clones as little mini mees running amuck in
> shops to heckle all those slimey, male geetar playas with lotsa loop gear
> play really exclusive and very introspective soundscapes. BTW, Next week
> are targeting stick players and folks with no exposure to Camille 
> writings...look out cause the mini mees are coming to get you !
> & Music does not have to be good or sincere or even well executed for a
> or individual to be successful or well received.
> to be successful & make $$$ at playing music you need to be derrivative,
> the ability for many different outlets of commerce to co-brand your image
> music and have lots of people wanna be like you. & having teenaged girls
> about u in chat rooms will boost record sales too ...we aim for that
> where we can be on the cover of Teeny Bop Sensation Mag & Ms Magazine.
> And of course women read books & women dig porn and hang out in coffee
> too...but i have noticed gals are not really into guys that are so into
> themselves and their gizmo gadgets as much as the dudes who can make it
> like that the book they have in their hands is being read especially for
> or the men who can make their gadgets work in areas that hit closer to
> we say a deeper feminine perspective.
> ( BTW, I should know about women cuz im in a band and i go to borders but
> tend to like books with pictures ... the ones with staples in em...i read
> more so for the pics than the words :)
> AKASH wants to be the dominator of all things that are curmudgingly yours
> Reverend... regardless of like and dislike which seems to have a strong
> on you.
> A little fun and a lot of seduction plus a williness to not be ghettoized
> relgated to a so called community where other people think loop musicians
> should be or look / sound and act like is what i was getting at in my
> post along with reasons why women are tuned off to the loop music in
> ( not absolute ) and it was speculation on observations..pure subjective
> speculation that i like to call an opinion :)
> & BTW, I'm located in dwntwn Philly.
> This is a loopey town that is rich with lots of very good and a number of
> very bad musians just like anywhere in a major metro city. and just like
> anywhere else, Philly has the eternal problem of too few places to play
> perform matched against the number of musicians available and interested
> performing and playing.
> i would also say the only loop oriented show in Philly where I actually
saw a
> fair turn-out of women was when David Torn played at a Stars end 
> UPENN in 98; ummm, i think it was in 98...but i'm sure there are other
> loopers on the list who were at that show who have better momories than
> one here.
> Sorta related here is that another band I play with did a bill with JFK's
> UFO last year @ pi-lam in west philly (im the geetar slinger for temple 
> Bon Matin).
> we were all very impressed by the drum work and loop work the female
> laid out ( andre was killa too ) ..very very very tastey stuff and very
> powerful seeing a female drummer and one that was looping really cool
> "waveforms".
> Nowadays u do see more women dj's ( trance/drum n bass ) who are doing
> things w/ delay pedals that are kinda cool but there are no women in
> that are looping to my knowledge in the gear heavy manner me and all the
> other boys do  ( bear in mind my knowledge of philly's local scene is
> admittedly very limited concerning detals on whos other than this being
> roots, josh wink and king britt country ).
> Here in philly, loop music is almost always relegated to the realm of the
> experimental...and i hate that definition but not to the point of
> vomiting...so i choose to define or redefine myself in ways that are of 
> choice & need. & that is sorta just like a lot of other loop musicians 
> are doing things loop related in their own necessary ways.
> my other point was that the affectionately dubbed status quo i referred 
> were not really doing anything other than perprtuating themselves and
> gear exhibition upon people/their communities ( not necessarily a bad
> thing...but definitely not my thang and imho never is it musical but
> what is musical is like saying u have a blanket definition for what makes
> something a work of art - good luck analyzing that one  ).
> Since when was ambition and inclusiveness such a hard thing to swallow ?
> The answer depends on how you define those 2 words and execute the so
> agenda :)
> Regards,
> JP