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Re: EDP alternative to vol pedal [a DIY idea}

Matthias Grob wrote:
> Claudes proposual:
> >With my pmc 10 I'm handling my edp's feedback through 5 switches on the
> >pmc's top row
> hm... smart...
> >those five switches send 5 different cc values that give me instant
> >feedback value inc/decrease presets
> dont you hear the sudden change of FB in the loop afterwards?

thats what I want for a sudden change of volume of the loop at a certain
beat/measure of the loop
with the switch presets it can be sudden and exact 

------on the same topic but never published---------

One of the ideas I didnt throw at you because it came too late for the
future soft <G>

the reduce command

a quantized/or not command that would send the loop a certain vol notch
in the background
this operation is done once on the entire loop/cycle
same as an instant feedback reduction without playing during exactly one
loop from the funct push
(undo heaven)

certainly the OverdubReduce command commes in handy to make some space
for the overdub; and in one pass !!!

BTW why didnt you ever think of a quantized overdub acting exactly as
the rec function
you push the function and have the punch in/out done at loop/cycle
is it because you dont like too much square music ?

I disgress back on the topic
> >I really like the way it works but it takes 5 switches of the pmc only
> >for that
> >
> >Was thinking:
> >
> >how a bout a simple circuit that would replace the edp feedback
> >expression pedal
> what is so bad about it?

nothing at all; its just faster and more precise (time and amount wise) 
for more structured tunes than the soundscape wishiwash <G>
I still have a vol ped engaged for continuous fdb control though

> >with  a set of 5 switches that would emulate 5 fixed values
> >the 5 values would be preset with trim pots and the switches would
> >toggle through the values
> certainly possible, but once you start doing such effort, wouldnt it
> be smarter to use just two swiches: up/down ?

eh.. no, because if I want a 50% redux I'll have to pedal down or up
several times ----resulting in steps

> >a 6th switch could repatch a real vol pedal for fades etc...
> >
> >If all this is possible I would drill holes on my edp footswitch to
> >implement those feedback preset switches 2-3 cm over the existing ones
> great
> >The main problem is I'm not an electronic engineer so I hav'nt a clue of
> >how and if this could be done
> Could be done with 2-3 CMOS ICs. There might even be a specific IC
> doing exactly this.
> They probably could be fed by the EDP through the switch line, since
> they use very little power.
> A perfect student exercise :-)

I'll be the student if you draw the schematics 

I could pay some for the ehancement it would bring

Take care