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Long DL4 post (was: loop modulation ala eh-16)

>> I am finding the more i use the DL4, i appreciate it more as a tabletop,
>> studio 'delay modeler' (discreet stereo and 24 bit) than a predictable
>> performance unit.  I definitely use it live, but stick mostly to
>> the looper
>> section and use an expression pedal to control the mix of the loop.
>Are you saying that you use the expression pedal to control the feedback
>rate, or just the mix? I didn't realize the expression pedal was funtional
>on the 'looper' part of the DL4, I thought it was just for smoothly 
>between 2 other presets.
>Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices

The expression pedal will control any one (or more) of the contol knobs of
the DL4 within a given preset, or the looper mode.  You cannot, for
example, use the expression pedal to move from reverse delay into the
rhythmic delay.

Within a given preset, you can use the expression pedal to 'morph' between
two settings, like having one extreme be a single slapback repeat, and the
other extreme be multiple repeats, and the pedal will then transition
between those two.

IMO, the implemetation of the expression pedal ranges from functional but
mildly aggravating to just plain sucking...especially when playing live.
For example, let's say i have the expression pedal to control the mix in
Looper mode (yes, it works in looper mode!), and i'm playing live.  Now say
i set a loop, and i want to lay some wierd delayed noise over the top, so i
bend down and bring in the predelay.  All is good, and now i decide to fade
out the loop via the mix with the expression pedal, right?  Still good.

Stop my loop, continue playing with the band. Ok, now onto the next song.

Next time i bring the looper back in, i need push the expression pedal up
so i can hear the loop, right?  AND THERE'S THE PREDELAY AGAIN!  If i
happened to have the predelay set to very long repeats on the previous song
(which i often do, for swelled pads and such), all of the stuff i was now
just playing was feeding into the predelay line, but i couldn't hear it
because the expression pedal (mix) was down.  So all of a sudden, you bring
your expression pedal up, so you can start your loop and the noise from
hell starts erupting out of the damn thing.

The DL4 is constantly monitoring the expression pedal, so it can see where
the settings are in toe up position and where the settings are in toe down
position.  There is no way to 'lock' the expression pedal into controlling
JUST one knobs function and ONLY that knobs function.  If you start
tweaking live...look out.

Also, if you are using the exp. pedal in one of the delay models, and you
mess with the tap tempo, so you can sync with the rhythm of the song?  The
new tempo will be mapped onto the expression pedal as one of the settings,
so if you move that pedal now, you will be morphing between two delay TIME
settings.  I can think of a few hundred things that sound nicer that a
morph between two delay time settings when you don't expect it.  Especially
when my earlier post mentioned that the transition between delay TIME
settings on the DL4 is not a smooth pitch glide like on the Digitech PDS or
RDS units.  It's a 'oh my god, what's happening?' kindof sound.

Not to say that i don't like this pedal, or wouldn't recommend it.  It is
truly a great box for the price.  As a live pedal though, i have had to use
the expression pedal to control only the MIX (on all delay preset and
looper mode) and come to the realization that if i get on my knees and
start dialing, say goodbye to using the expression pedal until the 'preset'
is turned off and reengaged.

I chased Line6 on this issue for quite a while, and while George Van Wagner
of Line6 was friendly and helpful to an extent, it became very obvious that
i was asking questions beyond where he felt he needed to pursue.  He came
up with an idea of hooking up the expression pedal to an a/b box before
plugging it into the DL4 with the idea being that you could make the DL4
not 'see' the expression pedal while you are tweaking or stomping on the
tap tempo, and then reengage the pedal to control what it normally did.  I
tried that...many times.  Sure, it stops 'seeing' the expression pedal, but
it won't lock on and 'see' it once you hit the a/b box again.  Nice try but
no cigar, and no further solutions offered.


hope this was of some help!