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RE: Long DL4 post (was: loop modulation ala eh-16)

 I did try this with an Ernie Ball pedal and a mono plug (into either input
or output)- no dice, not even an insert cable would work (diferent combo's
of inputs/outputs). What did work was a TRS cable into a cheap plastic
volume pedal (it only has 1 jack, and usually uses a stereo cable). It
worked, but only in the first 25% of the pedal's travel. I agree the Line6
pedal is certainly overpriced, and I am willing to live with this (or 
the pedal) so I can spend the $80 on something better.

Dave Eichenberger- guitars.loops.devices

> As far as i know, a volume pedal with a mono plug should work fine.  I 
> using a Roland EV5 to control it before i got the Line6 model. The Line6
> pedal works fine with a mono cable.  My suggestion would be to use one of
> your volume pedals if it works, i think the L6 pedal was $80+, for a
> plastic piece of junk.  It works, but i wouldn't duck if you threw it at
> me.  Now those Ernie Ball pedals are a whole different story...
> If you need info on the pot, you might snoop around the L6 website
> (www.line6.com), or email their tech support.
> rich
> too much time on the LD list today...got to actually get SOME work done!