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Re: dream box

> Brian Mulvey wrote:
> I have a dream box.. maybe tho, it's possible with hardware i have yet
> to come across.

> And finally, and most importantly.. the ability to loop smaller points
> of the larger loop, and overdub over those.
> Hmm.. any ideas folks?

I can do that with an echoplex and a sequencer
by moving the start point of the loop and retrig it from there with the

lets say 1 min loop 
you set start point where your "smaller loop" should begin
you want a "smaller loop" of 12sec 
fire your sequencer with a midi sequence that sends a trig to your plex
every 12 sec to restart the loop
overdub, insert, reverse etc....

if you want to go further in the long loop
mute the sequenced triggs
the long loop loops
set another strt point