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Re: Repeater price

Damon, Bill is exactly right. With all due respect I say: That is your
problem. Find a way to make 'em cheaper. From what I've read in your PDF
manual you have an incredibly awesome product (if it works :^). Now you 
an incredibly awesome price. Maybe you'll actually make money selling them
"skins" for the front cover, or service, or software upgrades or...
Doug Miller
Illustrator / Graphic Designer

> All I can say, Damon, is best of luck to you.  I hope market forces 
>treat you
> kindly.  Folks, if you want a $488 Repeater, please be aware that if 
> wants
> dealers to stock them, he may have to lower his profit in order to give 
> dealers the margin they need/demand in order to survive.  This will 
> drive
> Damon to reduce costs or go out of business.

>>Setting a price precedence of $488 forces our other dealers to try and 
>>this price. Unfortunately this price doesn't give the dealer enough 
>>to stay in business (in fact $488 is almost no margin at all).