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Re: 'frippinabox'

the expression pedal on the dl4 can be used to control any of the 
'knobs' on the unit, or any combination thereof, in any mode.  handy 
and extremely frustrating implementation all at the same time! 


>I've not got the pedal yet - can you use it to control the mix level 
>in loop mode on the DL4?
>----- Original Message -----
>From: Martin Shellard <martins@pwdu.demon.co.uk>
>To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>Sent: Sunday, January 07, 2001 7:37 PM
>Subject: Re: 'frippinabox'
>>  I don't miss the faders since you can control some things on the DL4 
>with a
>>  pedal (the delay pre-loop only) plus you have switches for reverse and 
>>  spped, but what I do miss is the fact that when using the looper it's 
>not a
>>  delay so there is no feedback to play with.
>>  Also doesn't have that melancholy sound of the EH16, great unit for 
>the $
>>  though.
>>  Martin Shellard
>>  > From: stanitarium@earthlink.net
>>  > as far as the DL-4 wouldnt you miss the slider/faders available on
>>  > the eh?