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Re: SsTtEeRrEeOo EDP SsYyNnCc issues......

Thanks for the response Dan,

I am very concerned about this issue and found it depressing that the one
and only response thus far has been further confirmation of this problem.  
hope I am wrong on this, but I am thinking this issue is much more common
than we know.  I would like to know how many users are running their EDP's
in stereo, specifically units from that notorious first Gibson batch of
which my units are from.  I laid out many dollars for these two units and
they have not been right since I got them.  I realize that nothing is
perfect, especially in this hyper paced world of technology, but if I have
the story straight, the EDP has been in development and production in
various forms for a decade.  That is one of the main reasons I went with 
EDP.  I've had way to many frustrating experiences with PC/DAW systems that
always crashed and thus I bought into Gibson's pitch that these units are
stable due to being dedicated pieces of gear and that they have been
developed/refined over many years.  That was music to my ears.  I couldn't
wait to use these cool old/new solid pieces of gear and go live with them.
Now that I've tried to get them to work as advertised for many months
without success, I have zero confidence in obtaining that goal with these

The Repeater was announced just after I purchased the EDP's and I thought,
oh well, I still like the EDP's (when they are behaving..!) and the 
will probably not become mature in regards to OS fixes and updates for at
least a year.  Well at this rate, it feels like my EDP's might not be
functional by then or maybe ever.  What can one say other than - THIS 

It is also disturbing to me that Gibson's EDP Guru - Shane Radke - admits 
not knowing much about syncing issues.  I know this to be true because I
sent these units back to Gibson for repair and the syncing problems
persisted.  Please understand that my experiences with Shane Radke have all
been top notch.  He is very helpful and sincere but he recommended that I
talk to Kim Flint directly, which seems kind of suspect in my opinion.  If
syncability is a key feature, then let's get some training/testing
procedures in place.

Kim, are you out there....?   Please throw me/us a frickin bone here .....
(not quit the devil, but I think Dr. Evil will do...).

PS:  Dan, great idea about getting Gibson EDP schematics, but I think in
this case (I.E. - my units are under warranty and have never worked right)
Gibson should take care of the problem ASAP, not me...........



> speak of the devil...  :-)
> just recently borrowed a friend's edp to do some stereo stuff, & many of
> these same symptoms occurred, primarily the drifting out of phase bit.
> was most notable when the slave EDP would sometimes display the 3 'dots'
> indicating it is waiting for then next cycle to start some operation, 
> though quantize is off.  also tried different trs cables, confirmed all
> midi params were set the same w/ sync out on both units, etc.
> any way to diagnose this problem Kim?  is there any point to putting a
> scope on the BrotherSync signal?  if so, what would we look for?
> thanks,
> dan
> ps- any chance you could convince Gibson to release schematics for the
> in leau of a service manual?
> ___
> dan mcmullen, ca, usa                      don't worry - pay attention
> mailto:dog@well.com                                       707-485-0220
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