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Re: Repeater Update

As I read the message, they had software to make the hardware do A. They
also had software to make it do B. The problem is that making it do A and B
is not the same as just putting both pieces together because the two then
have to interact.


>Mark Sottilaro (01:20 PM 03/19/01) wrote:
> >I've lost my last bit of optimism.  The Repeater, at it's projected 
> >seemed too good to be true.  In November you just had to tweak your
> >powersupply
> >design and then the Repeater would ship.  8 months off?  It's time to 
>get an
> >Echoplex.  Sorry Electrix.  This is obviously vaporware.  What was that
> >thing in
> >the quicktime video of the namm demo?  It seemed to be a working 
> >so what's the problem?  Fess up: you are unable to offer that product 
> >$599 list.  It would have been nice if Electrix had been honest from the
> >start.