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Re: Repeater Update

Jamie, Damon, Darrell, and other Electrix folks-

No need to hide under the desk, my order is still in, and I'm pleased to
see the effort to ship a bug-free, stable product.

No other company has developed anything as fully featured and desirable to
the looping community since the introduction of the EDP, so hang in there.



>Hi guys and gals,
>    The following is an update from the President of IVL/Electrix on the
>progress of Repeater. It will be posted on the site later today, but I
>wanted you to hear it first. Warning: you may feel physically ill after
>reading it...I know I did, but do realize that we're dedicated to bringing
>you the best looping tool possible, and it will have been worth the wait.
>    If you need me I'll be hiding under my desk in a fetal position.
>Best regards,
>Jamie Drouin.
>I want to provide you with an up-to-date status report on release of the
>Repeater product.  This has been a difficult project for us.  In order to 
>able to provide you with a revised delivery date that was accurate and
>achievable, we brought together the entire project team as well as the
>engineering and project managers for a detailed planning session to:
>1. Ensure that all remaining tasks were identified
>2. Establish a test plan to ensure no problems after product release
>3. Provide a completion date which is realistic.
>The release date derived from this session was early June.  I apologize 
>the further delay and understand the difficulties this creates for 
>Please understand that the Repeater is a powerful, fully featured product.
>A number of new technologies have been developed for Repeater including
>intelligent loop splicing, beat matching, pitch shifting and time 
>and squeezing.  All of these technologies have been completed and are
>working well.
>Where we ran into unexpected delays was in the integration of these
>technologies and achieving seamless operation of the complete system.
>Hardware has been produced so the risks associated with production startup
>have been overcome.
>Other breakthrough products released to the MI market in the past have 
>encountered similar frustrating delays.  When a major leap forward like 
>is undertaken, the risk of delays increases.
>We are determined that we will not release Repeater until we are confident
>that all technical challenges and operating bugs have been fixed.  We know
>Repeater is going to be highly successful - we are committed to providing
>trouble-free operation out of the box.
>Philip Scott
>Jamie Drouin
>Visual Designer for Electrix
>(a division of IVL Technologies Ltd)
>6710 Bertram Place, Victoria, BC, V8M 1Z6 Canada
>email... jamie@electrixpro.com  fax... 250-544-4102  voice... 250-544-4114