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Re: fretless, gratitude- recommended loop box?

>I agree, don't simplify buy more gear it all does something fun

i disagree.  telling someone to just buy more gear because it all 
does something fun, and not to simplify is bogus.

cars are fun, should i buy more cars cuz each one has a little 
different twist to it?

sex is fun, should i aquire more of it from a wide variety of sources 
cuz each provider has it's own unique set of features?

just kidding, actually...but there's alot to be said for sticking to 
what you have and pushing it and knowing it and reacting to it and 
with it.  i've got a decent amount of gear and there's still room to 
grow musically and personally with the stuff i've got.

and my little station wagon gets me from point a to b just fine...
and my sex life, well, none of your business...  :)